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Protection for a new Mega-Yacht

Protection for inaccessible mostly empty spaces called “dead spots” in a large yacht

Lasting cavity protection for narrow and crooked areas inside a ship. Normally, these spaces cannot be opened after completion.

Special Challenge:
The protection against rust has to be so good that no post-treatment will be required.

We use our highly effective corrosion protection greases.

Our corrosion protection greases are not just very capable of creep but also adhere very well to the substrate. Normally post-treatments are not required, even after many years.

Ship owners considering the subject of cavity corrosion early on will have significantly lower maintenance costs later. That is why this example deals with the best corrosion protection method: Protect before corrosion even starts!

Built at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg: The Mayan Queen, ninety metres long. These pictures were taken at the first outing on the river Elbe (www.nik-Schiffsbilder.de: “Dream Team” – Fotografie und Hans W. Tiedemann).

TimeMAX was hired to protect the cavities at risk of corrosion. Special Challenge: as the ship was meant for use in tropical seas the corrosion protection waxes and greases had to be stable at high temperatures.

The first task: Protection of big and small “void spaces”. That is what cavities that are difficult to access are called in shipbuilding.

Many of these cavities really are only easily accessible while building the structural shell. Here the subject were cavities on window frames on the exterior side of the ship. The pictures were taken shortly before work started.

Next were the ventilation shafts. Anyone suffering from claustrophobia should better not climb in here! This little opening is called a “manhole”. We protected the cavity behind it with corrosion protection grease.

Looking up: The work in the narrow and up to four metres high spaces was a totally new experience for our employees. After just under thirty minutes they were relieved from duty in there.

Another example of void spaces that cannot be accessed later: Cavities underneath the spiral staircases. Depending on the location within the ship we used wax or grease.

For cavity protection in new ships we use either our wax TimeMAX 200 WAX or our corrosion protection grease TimeMAX 2000. The products are closely related and have some ingredients in common. This is the reason why we are able to adjust our corrosion protection to the given task. For example, we can mix our wax to be a little harder if the customer wants a harder surface. On the Mayan Queen we used a special wax near the shell plate. Reason: in tropical waters the outer shell gets very hot.

Of course we can also make the product softer, thus having a higher capability of creep. This can be important if the spray gun cannot reach the areas at risk.

Especially in these cases the capability of creep of the material is essential. The final and maybe crucial inches are covered by the material on its own.

Do you remember? We won the up to now largest test of corrosion protection agents in the world, conducted by the magazine Oldtimer Markt, amongst other things due to the excellent capability of creep of our corrosion protection greases. For more information see chapter “External Testing”.

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