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Corrosion protection paint for a steel yacht

Corrosion protection paint for a 30-year-old steel yacht

Long-term protection for the heavily corroded ship’s floor.

Special Challenge:
The area to be protected is located right beneath the driving shaft. A thorough mechanical rust removal is not possible due to the confined space.

After roughly removing rust and de-greasing using solvents we apply our repair paint TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR.

The corrosion does not have to be perfectly cleaned off the substrate. At a pinch our corrosion protection paint works even when applied directly on rust.

Despite the competition made of GRP: yachts made of steel still exist! They are considered to be very solid and durable. They have only one enemy: corrosion.

Our client’s “Calypso” was built by manufacturer Suncoast. The hull is made of steel and very solid. The famous skipper Bobby Schenk sailed around the world in an almost identically constructed Suncoast yacht.

The main work when overhauling a steel yacht: tapping rust, grinding rust and then paint several times.

The yacht of our customer mainly sails the Mediterranean Sea.

Corrosion damage on the outside normally is quickly dealt with. Everything is visible and can be reached with tools. On the inside it is more difficult.

One of the lowest areas down in the hull: The floor near the driving shaft. Here corrosion is a permanent problem because condensation and sea water accumulate here.

Important to know: The lifespan of a steel ship is determined inside of its hull. The places deep down in the ship that are difficult to access are especially at risk. We use our repair paint TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR. The main advantage of corrosion protection paint: at a pinch it works even when applied directly on rust.

Despite of the cramped conditions the instructions must be observed. If salty water penetrated, the steel should be washed and cleaned with tap water. The remaining rust should be removed as thoroughly as possible.

Several layers in different shades: The owner of the Calypso used our repair paint strictly according to the instructions.

To be able to see if the applied layer has a sufficient thickness and really covers the surface different shades are used. Usually we switch between a dark and a light shade.

First light grey, next dark grey and finally light grey again.

Another advantage: Material consumption is very low when using two shades. You only apply the amount that is really necessary. All in all our customer used only two 1-litre-cans of paint.

To fill up the deep rust pores three rather thick layers were applied. The customer is pleased: the corrosion has been stopped!

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