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Tenerife 2

Tenerife 2: The Test on The Tuna Fishing Cutter

In addition to the tests in the breakwaters we started a second test on Tenerife at the same time.

The „El Grande Primeiro“. It is used to catch tuna on the high seas.

The exposure to corrosion on the ship is different to that on the breakwater. Here the sheets are not totally submerged. Instead there is salt water spume, heat and strong sunlight. Because of this we can test how our new waxes change under strong ultra-violet radiation.

On the left: On his mobile phone the captain shows us how tuna is caught. It is fished from the sea with separate fishing rods. This is the reason why the ship travels such long distances. The ” El Grande Primeiro” shuttles between Madeira, the Canary Islands and the coast of Africa.

This place high on top of the bridge was selected by Captain Jordan an Gerd Cordes.

For us this place right on the top of the ship is ideal. Whenever the ship dives down into wave troughs far out at sea the upper deck is drenched in salt water spume.

We left the testing sheets on top of the highest deck until December 2016.

After nine months of corrosion exposure here, too, significant results are visible.

At the picture below take note of the starting corrosion at the edges.

This is where corrosion protection almost always fails first.

For further information about our tests on the tuna fishing cutter see www.timemax.de. Note for our readers from other countries: we did not translate these pages. Just have a look at the pictures.


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