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Cavity protection for an hotelship

Cavity protection for an approximately 100-year-old freighter

Long-term protection for the heavily corroded ship’s floor in the former ballast water tank.

Special challenge:
Due to the year of construction the corrosion is quite advanced. The corrosion protection has to work on heavily corroded steel, too.

To enable our corrosion protection grease to creep better and further we added our solvent-free penetration oil TimeMAX Speed Lotion.

Adding the oil highly capable of creep the corrosion protection grease becomes even more effective. This way it penetrates even deeper into the corrosion.


“Hello Hello, it’s really urgent, we desperately need something to fight corrosion!”

TimeMAX as corrosion “fire fighters”! We love this kind of jobs. Today it is about the “Lydios”, a freighter more than 100 years old. The 55 metres long inland navigation vessel was built in Belgium in 1914. During its long and varied history the Lydios carried mostly bulk goods like grain and fertilizer. The ship spent most of its unusually long life in the Netherlands. Now the Lydios belongs to the Klovert family in Hamburg Harburg. Picture above, left to right: Marcel, Tom and Heike.

The 104-year-old Lydios now lies in the “Kulturhafen” in Harburg. Here it is waiting for its new future as a hotel ship.

The Kloverts just brought the ship to Hamburg from the Netherlands. Now the freighter lies in the Harburger Kulturhafen and is being restored. The couple has big plans for the old vessel: Soon, maybe even this year, the Lydios is to become a “B & B” hotel: The first swimming “Bed and Breakfast” hotel in Hamburg.

The Lydios is all of 55 metres long. How large it is can be seen in the cargo bay. A lot of space! All in all four double rooms and an extra large family room will soon fill the cargo bay. Of course, each room will have an en suite shower bath.

This room used to be a ballast tank. Depending on the load of the freighter the cavity was filled with water. This way it was ensured that the ship was on an even keel during the voyage and in the harbour.

The ballast tank was filled with water for more than 100 years. Don’t worry: The corrosion of the ship’s floor is no cause for alarm.

The big question now is: How do you prevent the corrosion from perforating the floor?

The corrosion protection grease by TimeMAX is used to prevent perforation by rusting. Because of the heavy corrosion the grease is modified again. It is mixed with the penetrating oil “Speedlotion”. This increases the capability of creep again.

Before use the grease, which is solid when cold, is heated up. This is best done using an induction cook-top. It is set to 110 degrees Celsius.

This is what the floor looks like after coating. Almost done! To ensure that the grease connects to the uneven surface of the steel despite the low temperatures now in winter Marcel Klovert will do a little rework in a few days: we recommended to rub the grease into the substrate using a solid brush.

The Kloverts want to open their ” B & B ” hotel in the harbour of Harburg soon: The next months will certainly be exhausting for the two of them and their son Tom!

If you wish to follow the progress of the work there is Facebook page named “Schlafen im Hafen” about the project.

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