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Corrosion protection layer for the engine room of a large passenger ship

Corrosion protection layer for the engine room of a large passenger ship

Transparent protective layer for floor boards.

Special Challenge:
The customer wants the protective layer to be transparent. The operators of the ship want to see whether corrosion will start again underneath the coating.

Coating with our transparent underbody coating TimeMAX UBS Clear and our stone chip protection TimeMAX Body.

With the material being transparent corrosion starting underneath the protective layer can easily be detected.

In shipbuilding we normally use our products TimeMAX COLOR and TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR to paint surfaces inside and outside of the ship.

This assignment was about the coating of large surfaces of floor boards inside the ship. The special challenge: the customers wanted a transparent material. Transparent materials are not as effective as thickly applied marine colours but have the advantage that you can see whether corrosion returns.

The Norwegian Epic was built in the French shipyard “STX France” in Saint-Nazaire in 2010. The ship is owned by the US shipping company NCL.

It is approximately 330 metres long and can carry almost 5000 passengers.

France, Autumn 2015: Pictures of the work in the shipyard, taken with a mobile phone. The pictures were taken in Saint-Nazaire on the Atlantic coast. The Norwegian Epic is put up in dry dock for repairs.

Deep down in the ship there are large rooms for the air-conditioning technology. This is were the climate generators and all the other ventilation technology is located.

Due to the salty marine air and the condensate here the floors are especially at risk of corrosion.

As shown in the picture on the right the control cabinets and machines are standing on boards that are uncoupled from the floor.

It is similar to the underbody of newly restored cars: Because the view of the sheets is not to be obstructed we applied our transparent coatings.

We used the one-component UBS Clear. Where impact loads are to be expected our customer chose the two-component stone chip protection BODY which dries faster.

The ships back at sea. The corrosion protection worked, our customers are highly satisfied. Multiple checks showed that the corrosion did not return.

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