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Corrosion protection at a historical petrol station

Fight against corrosion and preventive corrosion protection on the steel structure of a 60-year-old petrol station

Corrosion prevention for the cavities of gates and window frames.

Special challenge:
The components to be protected have been partially renewed. Because of this some cavities are brand new and smooth, others are heavily corroded and rough.

Cavity protection using our corrosion protection greases.

The materials work both on new and on corroded structures. Due to their good adhesion they do not slide off new and smooth surfaces as corrosion protection greases are known to do.

This corrosion protection project is about the “Oldtimer Tankstelle” in Hamburg known in all of Germany due to many press releases. Now a listed building the petrol station was built in 1953 close to the harbour and is characterised by a felicitous design typical for that time.

Now the petrol station is home to a vehicle inspection authority and a small restaurant.

Here is the link to the website. See chapter “Events” and “About Us” for impressive pictures of the construction work:


During restoration in 2010 the “Oldtimer-Tankstelle” already was a magnet for the car and bike enthusiasts. By now it is probably the best known petrol station in Germany.

The restoration took more than two years. A lot of work had to be put into the steel doors and window frames.

The high steel gates were heavily corroded both on the outside and inside.

During restoration in 2010 the owners used the corrosion protection greases by TimeMAX for corrosion protection.

Our materials were not only used on new components, but also on old ones.

2017: This is what the petrol station looks like now that the work has been completed. During restoration the focus was on recreating the original condition from the 1950s.

years after the treatment we checked the condition of the preserved components.

The owners of the petrol station still are very content. The corrosion protection worked very well on both the old (rusty inside) and new components. On the right you can see how far the corrosion protection grease has crept. This quality is very important for long-term protection.

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