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Tow-boat “Woltmann”

Cavity Protection for a 100-year-old museum ship

Protection of a ship’s floor heavily corroded on the inside.

Special Challenge:
The areas affected by corrosion are located beneath a tank and are difficult to access. The corroded area cannot be reached.

Cavity protection using our corrosion protection grease with a high capability of creep.

The product has an extremely high capability of creep and can even reach covered areas. At a pinch the corrosion protection grease works even when applied directly on rust.

Tow-boat “Woltmann”, over 100 years old, at Hamburg Museumshafen.

In old ships the cavities at the very bottom are especially at risk of corroding. This is where moisture accumulates. The finger points to a small cavity between the waste water tank and the ship’s bottom. Underneath the tank corrosion is running wild. Up to now the owners had not found a way to stop corrosion.

Once the floorboards had been removed the ship’s floor is visible. The corrosion in the hidden area underneath the waste water tank on the left is especially dangerous.

Although rust scale has already built up the tank was not to be removed for the treatment. The effort would have been too high: The whole wheelhouse would have had to be cut off.

We used the high capability of creep of our corrosion protection grease TimeMAX 1000.

Heating the material works almost as at our TimeMAX workshop onshore. Shown here: an induction cook-top and a matching induction cooking pot with a drain cock. Before spraying the grease is heated to 110°C.

The ship’s floor after treatment. To get a grip on the rust scale we sprayed on a rather thick layer of our corrosion protection grease.

In the weeks after the treatment the grease highly capable of creep will penetrate deeply into the rust scale and reliably stop further corrosion. Wherever there is grease, oxygen cannot reach the metal.

As we all know from chemistry lessons at school corrosion only works when there is enough oxygen!

The even more capable of creep variation TimeMAX 1000 was also selected because there was another task to perform: Hidden areas, areas that probably were not reached while spraying, had to be protected, too. Our grease with its high capability of creep will accomplish this task later during the warm months of summer. Over months and years the material creeps over distances of up to 30 cm. In chapter “Products” there are interesting pictures on the subject of capability of creep. There it is not about TimeMAX 1000 or TimeMAX 2000, but about our product TimeMAX MOVE. This is a concentrate of the two greases mentioned before.

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Now it was no longer necessary to remove the waste water tank. Taking the ship apart and a costly stay at a shipyard could be prevented due to the use of our products.

The owners of the “Woltman” were thrilled by our unusual approach to cavity corrosion and made a film about the work on their ship with us.

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