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On the isle of Heligoland, in the middle of the salty North Sea, several institutes and universities maintain testing sites. Here corrosion protections agents can be tested under challenging conditions. On the small island test are run for industry as well as for the German Navy. Especially directly on the coast the corrosion-boosting conditions are extreme: There is a lot of oxygen and the air always contains a lot of salt.

Also, the extremely strong ultra-violet light at sea is a problem for corrosion protection agents: it ages almost all coatings significantly faster.

We are especially taken by the area around the Juliusturm. It is where we started our tests on Heligoland in December 2010.

This little film will show you how stormy it gets here, especially during winter. It was taken by Jörn Kessels. The film-maker and photographer has been living on Heligoland for many years. Here he is known as the “storm-photographer”.

(Storm Felix, Jörn Kessels)

Juliusturm at the southern harbour of Heligoland. Often we mounted our testing sheets on top of the tower.

The tower is approximately twelve metres high and located directly at a mole.
Not only during stormy weather but also at calm seas the waves crash against the obstacle reaching far into the sea. The salt-water is dispersed and ends up on the top of the tower during night and day.

Not only was the basic research for the German DIN standardisation was conducted here, but also the German Navy tested protective coatings for ships here frequently. You can almost watch the corrosion spreading: estimates say that one year on the tower equals almost 20 years on land.

On the tower we test our greases, our waxes and our paints.
Before a new TimeMAX product is put on the market we test it here in different mixtures against the best material by our competitors.

The “Before-After” effect here in a test of products for cavity protection. Only two weeks lie between these two pictures! The salty spray of the North Sea made a good job of it. In summer, too, the corrosion load is extreme.

For further information about our tests on Heligoland see www.timemax.de. Note for our readers from other countries: We did not translate these pages. Just have a look at the pictures.





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