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Tenerife 1

Heat + Salt = Corrosion

The exposure to corrosion on Tenerife in the Atlantic ocean are downright fierce. The reason: in addition to the salt water there are high temperatures. And as we learned at school heat works as a kind of turbo when corrosion is concerned: the speed of oxidation multiplies!

Directly at the coast the corrosion has everything it needs…

…plenty of salt water, oxygen and high temperature all year round.

In Spring 2016 we decided to start two test circles on Tenerife because the corrosion-boosting conditions here are so “ideal”. If you wish to know more about the climate on Tenerife have a look the long article on this subject on at our website www.timemax.de. It is called: “Corrosion under palm-trees: Why we go to Tenerife for testing”.

Here is the link:

For the two test on Tenerife we built two identical frames from perforated sheets.

Eight small testing sheets have been mounted on each of the base sheets. This is how we test our latest product variations against the best products by our competitors.

This is what the two completed frames look like. The lid is also made from zinc-plated perforated sheets and is meant to protect the delicate testing sheets.

Tenerife 1: The Test Inside The Breakwater

We are in Santa Cruz, the island’s capital. In the background you can see the “Auditorio de Tenerife”. Within sight distance from the concert hall we placed our testing sheets directly at the water.

The breakwater made of concrete is part of the coastal protections structure. About three meters below where TimeMAX boss Gerd Cordes is standing in the picture on the left we placed our frame so that it is submerged by high tide every day.

The frame with the testing sheets has been mounted. Three quarters of a year later, in December 2016 the frame was dismounted to evaluate the test.

The same ordeal every day for nine months: Salt water at high tide and oxygen at low tide. The result is obvious. The difference in protection is visible to the naked eye.

For further information about these tests see www.timemax.de. Note for our readers from other countries: we did not translate these pages. Just have a look at the pictures.


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