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Schipwreck Nordsee

Our testing object is a steel ship approximately 15 metres long. It ran aground during a winter storm. The disaster probably happened in the winter of 1962.

All of 53 years later, in the winter of 2015, we discovered the wreck for our purposes: The ship is an almost ideal testing object for us. Half a day it is freely accessible on the intertidal mudflats, the other half it vanishes beneath the water. A t the highest level of the high tide it is completely submerged.

There also is a strong mechanical stress. The permanent up and down of the waves creates an abrasive wear of the coatings!

The North Sea mudflats near the isle of Wangerooge: The conditions here are almost ideal, unlimited salt water and always a fresh breeze!

The wind is important for testing: the more oxygen is brought to the testing sheets, the higher the exposure to corrosion.

On the left: Arrival at the ship. Normally at low tide it is safely on dry land on a raised sandbank. This time the water is higher than usual. On the right: to be able to screw the frame with the testing sheets to the inside of the ship we have to drill from the outside first.

As fasteners we use solid binders. The frame with the testing sheets is now mounted to the ship firmly and lastingly.

To mount the frame on the inside we have to crawl into the wreck.

A camera team from German TV-station VOX records our boss Gerd Cordes placing the frame with the testing sheets inside the wreck.

The frame has been placed, a new test of underbody coating and wax can begin.

For further information about our tests on the ship wreck see www.timemax.de. Note for our readers from other countries: we did not translate these pages. Just have a look at the pictures.


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