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Sea Cranes: Cavity protection with TimeMAX 200 WAX

Corrosion protection on cranes for ocean-going ships.

Long-term protection for the cavities in the steel structure.

Special Challenge:
The conditions are downright demanding. The cranes are mounted on ocean-going ships and exposed to very hard stress.

Cavity protection with our salt-water-resistant corrosion protection wax TimeMAX 200..

The wax works under extremely difficult conditions.

Our wax TimeMAX 200 is also used successfully in industrial corrosion protection. Due to its excellent corrosion protection effect the material is used, for example, in cavity protection for cranes both in harbours and on ships. Here the exposure to corrosion is especially high because of the permanently salty air.

The pictures show cranes in the harbour of Cape Town, South Africa. On the left an old revolving crane for packaged goods in the museum harbour, on the right modern cranes in the container harbour.

Although there are about 100 years of development and progress between both designs they have one thing in common: they are hollow.

On the inside corrosion is most dangerous. Corrosion damage here inevitable leads to a loss of stability.

The same type of crane from a different perspective. This time, our customer took a picture of the inside of the crane! On the left untreated, on the right treated with one layer of TimeMAX 200 WAX. For cranes installed close to the sea we recommend to apply two or even three layers.

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