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Hapag-Lloyd Ships

We were able to win over the long-established Hamburg shipping company Hapag-Lloyd for a cooperation in these tests.

Our testing sheets are mounted in the ballast water tanks of large container ships. The ships travel long distances around the world. Often they do not only go to hot South-East Asia but even further into the cold north of Canada.

This way we can additionally test how materials perform in the different climate zones.

Since December 2010 our testing sheets keep going on voyages occasionally. They are mounted where the exposure to corrosion on board is highest: in the ballast water tanks flooded with salt water.

A new test for paints, waxes and greases on the “Vienna Express”. With these tests we find out how to further optimize our latest “recipes”.

We prepared two frames with 10 testing sheets each for the test. On the left our new “recipes” for our ship colour TimeMAX COLOR and on the right new mixtures for fats and waxes.

The way down into a ballast water tank. The empty chambers are located on both sides of the ship, between shell plate and hold.

Depending on the type of ship, the tanks are as high as a multi-storey building. To be able to correct the sideways leaning of the ship the salty sea water is transferred between tanks depending on the loading.

With the chief inspector of the shipping company we placed the testing sheets exactly where the exposure to corrosion is highest: The frames are hanging in the so-called transition area.

Sometimes the testing sheets are below the water level, sometimes they are above it. The conditions here bring to mind the standardized time-lapse tests of the large international testing institutes. Inside the spraying chambers of the institutes it is also damp and salty. Nevertheless we believe our tests to be more significant: We test exactly where the material are to be used!

For further information about our tests on the Hapag-Lloyd ships see www.timemax.de. Note for our readers from other countries: we did not translate these pages. Just have a look at the pictures.





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