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Corrosion protection for a gymnasium

Corrosion protection for the steel construction of a gymnasium

Protection for joints especially at risk of corrosion damage that cannot be reached with common corrosion protection agents.

Special Challenge:
The area at risk of corrosion cannot be accessed. The material used must be able to creep over distances of several centimetres.

We use our corrosion protection grease TimeMAX 1000 which has a high capability of creep.

During summer heat the grease creeps into the gap at risk.

In spring 2006 we were hired to protect the construction of a new gymnasium in Hamburg from corrosion. After the construction of the hall first traces of corrosion had been found in the 22 support columns. Reason: during the assembly the zinc spraying of almost all columns had been damaged.

The gap at risk of corrosion between the steel feet and the columns of the construction that are almost 20 meter high are located in an area that is not visible. The gap is difficult to reach with corrosion protection agents.

The gap, which is difficult to reach, is only eight millimetres wide. We were awarded the contract because our corrosion protection grease has extreme capability of creep and can creep deeply into the gap.

A special treat for the customer: For each of the 22 columns we filmed every step of conservation using a video endoscope. On the right the beginning corrosion is easy to see.

Those responsible from the city and the contractor knew: if the corrosion on the inside is not stopped the whole construction will have to be taken apart again in a few years.

Once the work had been completed we gave the customer a DVD containing pictures and a film of the final inspection.

After the treatment in 2006 we agreed with our customer to have a look at the support columns in 10 to 12 years time. We were to check if reworking might be necessary.

Inspection 11 years later: Did the corrosion protection for the support columns last?

Spring 2017: Could the TimeMAX corrosion protection grease prevent further corrosion?

A close look: In the picture on the right you can see that the seal weld injected by the contractor after our work has shrunk. You can assume that water seeped in at the bottom of all 22 columns.

Conclusion after 11 years: Even at short distance no efflorescence is visible. Corrosion was stopped effectively.

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