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Cavity Protection: The largest product test in the world

The Oldtimer Markt magazine is well-known not only in Germany. Oldtimer Markt is one of the largest vintage car magazines worldwide.

In the summer of 2008 the magazine started an extensive test on the subject of cavity protection. For this all established corrosion protection companies were invited to Schweinfurt.

Business trip from Hamburg to Schweinfurt in northern Bavaria: The test by Oldtimer Markt was conducted at Fahrzeugakademie in Schweinfurt.

The Akademie is a training centre. It offers advanced training for mechanics and coach-builders from all of Germany, from Austria, and Switzerland.

Before the test began testing conditions were explained to the representatives of the participating companies. The same rules were applied to all cavity protection products.

The participating products originated from all over the world. Many products are also used in industry and ship building.

It was very important to those responsible that testing conditions were close to reality. For this reason the testing containers were already corroded inside at the start of the test.

Just as with old cars and industrial facilities: The component to be protected is corroded already!

As can be seen in the pictures above there are two chambers in each testing box: A big one and a small one. Only the big chamber was treated. The test was to see how far the materials will creep through the three large holes.

To be able to visually assess the results the boxes were taken apart for the final appraisal. The attached small chamber was removed.

First Place: TimeMAX

In the first evaluation of the test in 2009, in the second evaluation in 2010 and in the final evaluation in September 2013 as well TimeMAX made first place. Three times best in test! A PDF-file of the test can be downloaded from the Oldtimer Markt website.

Here is the link:

Although the editorial staff commented in detail on the test TimeMAX would like to answer a few questions we are asked frequently.

1. What is the difference between first place and the other products?

With corrosion protection of cavities it is important that the materials used are permanently elastic and have a high capability of creep. This way, for example, spot-welded overlaps of sheets and corrosion can be penetrated. This characteristic was very important to us during development.

On the left: The special edition of Oldtimer Markt containing the test assessment. The picture on the right shows the most important difference between places 1 (left) and 2 (right) at the three large holes: Our material worked its way through the holes. As can be seen on the left box the grease by TimeMAX then continued to creep far across the sheet. This strong capability of creep is not present in either the runner-up nor the other products.

Furthermore, during development we made sure that our material adheres to smooth surfaces and does not slide off completely during summer.

Thus our system received an excellent result in the category “Adhesion to Sheet” (see text, picture below).

2. With some products, why did material gather at the bottom of the testing boxes?

The testing boxes in this test did not have drains. When building the boxes the water drains with a diameter of eight or ten millimetres present on door sills of cars were left out.

The grease products heated for use cool off immediately at contact with the cold sheets and solidify. This is why a thick layer of material formed in our testing sill. This did not occur with highly fluid wax and oil products containing solvents. The materials flowed out through the gaps at the screwed-on lids.

Important to know: With “real car sills” the surplus material would have run off through the water drains during application!

On the left the testing box with our product: Please note the thick drops near the top of the box. Our material not only has a high capability of creep but also a decidedly good adhesion.

On our second website www.rostschutz.tv you can find a short film on the test by Oldtimer Markt. There the technical details are explained very well. It is worth a look!

Here is the link:


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