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Protection for a seawater desalination facility in Dubai

Protection for the components of a seawater desalination facility in Dubai

Additional painting with corrosion protection paint for components especially at risk.

Special Challenge:
Many of the components are zinc-plated. It is difficult to paint on a zinc-plated substrate.

We use our wax products and corrosion protection paints.

At a pinch the materials (TimeMAX 300 WAX and TimeMAX COLOR in silver) will work on a zinc-plated substrate. Important Note: Before coating the substrate must be cleaned. If you have questions about this, give us a call.

In March 2006 we started working for a plant manufacturer working in Dubai. The task: corrosion protection for a seawater desalination plant at high risk.

Heat and salt: in Dubai conditions are perfect for corrosion. With average daily temperatures of about 40 degrees Celsius the wind permanently blows salty air from the sea over the land. Here cars, drilling platforms and other industrial facilities try to “out-corrode” each other.

Close to the sea the corrosion-boosting atmosphere is so aggressive that even high quality steel tarnishes to a deep brown and, slowly but surely, is destroyed. With industrial facilities located directly on the coast corrosion protection has highest priority.

Many smaller and larger components of the facility were treated with products from the TimeMAX system.

We used both our paints and grease products.

Sadly, we do not have many pictures of the work in 2006. Here you can see how pipe clamps are treated at our workshop.

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