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Wind turbines

Corrosion protection paint for tower segments of a wind turbine

Long-term corrosion protection for corroded spots on the outside of the tower.

Special Challenge:
Mostly the work had to be carried out in great heights under difficult conditions so the technicians had only little time to remove rust and paint.

We use our very quick to dry repair paintTimeMAX PAINT REPAIR. At a pinch it works on corroded substrates.

Using TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR can save a lot of time and money. The paint can be processed very quickly, the corrosion protection is durable.

Maintenance of the turbines is complex. If the facility starts to corrode after a few years it will be really expensive. The reasons for this are obvious: the majority of the work is done way up in areas that are difficult to reach under time pressure. It can hardly be more difficult, can it?

At a pinch even directly on remaining corrosion and without a base coat: Our repair paint TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR saves time, nerves and money.

Almost all work is done hanging on a rope. The less equipment to carry along, the better.

Corrosion repair using conventional paint systems would take too long. Most corrosion protection paints need a substrate from which corrosion has been removed perfectly plus several layers of primer. Usually the white finishing coat is applied at the very end.

With our repair paint things are different. TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR does not require any primer. The material is brushed directly on the steel once the rough corrosion has been removed. Because we deliver the material in the appropriate colour only one can is needed up at the workplace.

A turbine consists of many steel tubes screwed on top of each other. Here you see two tower segments stacked up. Often corrosion starts at the seal weld between the tubes.

Corrosion under the seal weld is a typical problem. With our repair paint work is far less time- consuming than it used to be. After rough grinding painting can begin. No extra priming necessary!

Not only the seal welds require work after a few years. At the bolted foot corrosion occurs quite frequently, too.

Whenever the tower moves in strong wind the steel down at the bolting is under a of of strain. Alternately the steel is stretched and compressed. And because many corrosion protection coatings are not elastic the coating cracks here first. The consequence of which is corrosion.

This is how it is done: roughly remove corrosion from the steel, next shake can thoroughly for two minutes.

Another advantage of TimeMAX PAINT REPAIR is the short drying time. Depending on temperature and humidity sometimes it is possible to apply the next layer after about 20 minutes.

After rough removal of the corrosion three relatively thick layers were applied to the bolts around the facility.

The maintenance technicians working with our materials have good reason to be content.

-They do not have to spend a long time on removing corrosion because the material works on remaining corrosion.

-The short drying time is seen as a true advantage: You never know when the next shower will come and interrupt the work!

Here is a short film on the subject:

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